Making natural plant-based paints for children (watercolours)

So, as easy as it is to head to the shops and buy some paints for your kids, why not try making some paints from scratch? These are all-natural, with no nasty chemicals, and no packaging to throw away. The… Continue Reading

Ethical nappy options – cloth nappies

When I was pregnant, I did a little research into the most environmentally conscious way to deal with our upcoming bundle of joys’ poop. The decision I came to at the time, was to start off on Naty (the most… Continue Reading

The environmental impact of disposable nappies

The use of disposable nappies has a massive impact on our environment, and therefore our future. In this post, I discuss some of the main issues surrounding their popular usage. Manufacture The production of disposable nappies has huge environmental implications. The main bulk of disposable nappies is paper… Continue Reading

Vegan Teas

After reading the following statement on the Twinings website’s FAQ’s: 13. Are our teas suitable for vegetarians? ALL of our teas and infusions are suitable for vegetarians, but not always suitable for vegans. I thought I would contact them directly… Continue Reading | vegan makeup artist

I have just come across this fantastic website by vegan makeup artist, Charade. There is also a fantastic and rather full beauty database which is well worth checking out. Some informative reviews on her blog too. Source: | vegan… Continue Reading

Tea drinking and Waste reduction

I was recently reading an article (I will try and find it…), which was giving easy ways to reduce your waste, and to encourage you to really consider what you are using, and what you are throwing away every single… Continue Reading

My Story: How I Quit the Plastic Habit | Treading My Own Path

Some brilliant and inspiring advice here… think I may have to set myself a few targets. As part of the event I spoke at last week organised by Plastic Free July and featuring renowned Australian environmentalist Tim Silverwood, I’ve been… Continue Reading

Spring Seasonal Eating

In my article `Eating Seasonally and Locally‘,  I discussed the many benefits of eating locally and seasonally, so as Spring is well and truly here, I thought it relevant to mention some of the fruit and vegetables that are great… Continue Reading

Impossible Foods raises a whopping $108 million for its plant-based burgers // Animals Australia

Really interesting article regarding plant-based meat and cheese products… follow the link through from Animals Australia Impossible Foods raises a whopping $108 million for its plant-based burgers Source: Impossible Foods raises a whopping $108 million for its plant-based burgers //… Continue Reading

Look after our ducks this Spring!

So Spring is well and truly here, with summer hot on its heels. Everyone is out and about enjoying our local parks, lakes and creeks. For a lot of people, taking their children out for the afternoon to `feed the… Continue Reading