Making natural plant-based paints for children (watercolours)

So, as easy as it is to head to the shops and buy some paints for your kids, why not try making some paints from scratch? These are all-natural, with no nasty chemicals, and no packaging to throw away. The… Continue Reading

Toddler’s Sun Dress

I made this cute little summer dress for my 15 month old. With its elasticated top it will still fit her next summer too. Expect this dress to fit your two-three year old. Cut a piece of your main fabric… Continue Reading

The Layered Skirt

Here is my attempt at a toddlers layered skirt after following this brilliant tutorial by MADE. I used up some of my old material scraps, making the ruffle strips from multiple same-sized rectangles of fabric, which I think, gives a really fun look and… Continue Reading

TUTORIAL: the Layered Skirt | MADE

Great tutorial on how to make a cute girls skirt, all ages… a great way to use up any old material or upcycle your old clothes for your little one… my attempt coming up soon! Source: TUTORIAL: the Layered Skirt | MADE

Homemade Hairbands

Following on from my dog toys post, here is another way of using up old material you may have lying around; homemade hairbands! There are so many tutorials out there to choose from, and most of the patterns are easy… Continue Reading

Homemade Dog Toys

After a recent clear-out of the house, We’ve got a lot of old clothing hanging around that can be put to good use. A good start is to organise into: A: Clothes to be fixed/reused to make new clothes B:… Continue Reading