Making natural plant-based paints for children (watercolours)

So, as easy as it is to head to the shops and buy some paints for your kids, why not try making some paints from scratch? These are all-natural, with no nasty chemicals, and no packaging to throw away. The… Continue Reading

Bush Playgroups and the importance of nature-play

So, when I had my baby girl (who is now a delightful two-and-a-half year old) I went along to my local ‘new parents’ group. I forced myself to go. I hated it. I’m sure its great for some new parents,… Continue Reading

Ethical nappy options – cloth nappies

When I was pregnant, I did a little research into the most environmentally conscious way to deal with our upcoming bundle of joys’ poop. The decision I came to at the time, was to start off on Naty (the most… Continue Reading

The environmental impact of disposable nappies

The use of disposable nappies has a massive impact on our environment, and therefore our future. In this post, I discuss some of the main issues surrounding their popular usage. Manufacture The production of disposable nappies has huge environmental implications. The main bulk of disposable nappies is paper… Continue Reading

My Favourite Bath Products for Baby

It’s so easy to buy cruelty free products for your baby, so why wouldn’t you? Many of them are organic, avoid harsh chemicals and use natural fragrances. Making them perfect for newborn sensitive skin. Gaia Natural Baby Hair & Body… Continue Reading