Look after our ducks this Spring!

So Spring is well and truly here, with summer hot on its heels. Everyone is out and about enjoying our local parks, lakes and creeks. For a lot of people, taking their children out for the afternoon to `feed the… Continue Reading

My Favourite Bath Products for Baby

It’s so easy to buy cruelty free products for your baby, so why wouldn’t you? Many of them are organic, avoid harsh chemicals and use natural fragrances. Making them perfect for newborn sensitive skin. Gaia Natural Baby Hair & Body… Continue Reading

Animal experimentation

In Australia and New Zealand we use over six million animals a year in research and teaching. Many of these animals are subjected to pain and stress during both the experimental procedure, and as a result of the environment in… Continue Reading

Toddler’s Sun Dress

I made this cute little summer dress for my 15 month old. With its elasticated top it will still fit her next summer too. Expect this dress to fit your two-three year old. Cut a piece of your main fabric… Continue Reading

Earthly Pleasures Cafe – Belgrave 

I’ve been desperate to try the Earthly Pleasures Cafe in Belgrave for a while after recommendations from a few friends and reading some great reviews. This Sunday, we finally managed to visit… and what a delight it was! We entered via the… Continue Reading

The Layered Skirt

Here is my attempt at a toddlers layered skirt after following this brilliant tutorial by MADE. I used up some of my old material scraps, making the ruffle strips from multiple same-sized rectangles of fabric, which I think, gives a really fun look and… Continue Reading

TUTORIAL: the Layered Skirt | MADE

Great tutorial on how to make a cute girls skirt, all ages… a great way to use up any old material or upcycle your old clothes for your little one… my attempt coming up soon! Source: TUTORIAL: the Layered Skirt | MADE

A Fruity and Fabulous Organic Vegan White Wine

Angove Organic 2015 Sauvignon Blanc I’m generally a red wine drinker, but sometimes I get a hankering for a fruity white.  This Sauvignon Blanc from Angove certainly hits the spot. It is light and refreshing, and full of fruity flavours. It… Continue Reading

Vegan Pets

The last few days I have been researching information to help me with this post regarding feeding your companion animal a vegan diet. I have previously directly linked to a few articles that I have found particularly useful. Choosing to… Continue Reading

Is Your Pet’s Food Tested on Animals? | One Green Planet

Animals in testing facilities face horrific treatment. Is your dog’s pet food contributing to this torture? Source: Is Your Pet’s Food Tested on Animals? | One Green Planet