Vegan Teas

After reading the following statement on the Twinings website’s FAQ’s:

13. Are our teas suitable for vegetarians?
ALL of our teas and infusions are suitable for vegetarians, but not always suitable for vegans.

I thought I would contact them directly to verify which of their teas are suitable for vegans. I was a little worried, as I assumed that all their teas would be vegan!! I did then remember that my husband is rather partial to their English Breakfast – Honey & Vanilla, which yes, wouldn’t be vegan. But are there any others?…

Anyway, I received the following response:

Almost all of our Twinings teas and infusions are suitable for vegans, except a very small number including our Camomile, Honey & Vanilla tea bags where the flavourings contain bee-derived products such as honey or beeswax.

We do not permit ingredients to be formulated with meat, fish, eggs or dairy products, or any of their derivatives.

Any products which do not contain flavourings will be guaranteed to be suitable for vegans.

In addition, Twinings do not conduct, contract out or fund any experiments on animals.

So it would seem that the only animal ingredients they would use are pretty obvious (Honey) with no hidden nasties, which is reassuring. As is their animal testing policy. Good on you, Twinings 🙂

I did email back and ask for a full list of their teas that are suitable for vegans… and here it is!

  • Twinings English Breakfast Decaf
  • Twinings English Breakfast Extra Strong
  • Twinings Darjeeling
  • Twinings Earl Grey
  • Twinings English Breakfast
  • Twinings Irish Breakfast
  • Twinings Lady Grey*
  • Twinings Russian Caravan*
  • Twinings Australian Afternoon*
  • Twinings Chai*
  • Twinings Chai & Vanilla*
  • Twinings Assam
  • Twinings Lapsang Souchong*
  • Twinings Orange Peko
  • Twinings Prince of Wales
  • Twinings Peppermint
  • Twinings Strawberry/Raspberry & Loganberry*
  • Twinings Cranberry & Pomegranate*
  • Twinings Lemon & Ginger
  • Twinings Camomile
  • Twinings Camomile Spearmint
  • Twinings Lemon Twist
  • Twinings Orange & Cinnamon*
  • Twinings Camomile & Spiced Apple*
  • Twinings Peppermint & Lime
  • Twinings Peppermint & Spearmint
  • Twinings Peppermint & Liquorice
  • Twinings Ginger & Apple

*My personal favourites – tried and tested!

Ethical Koala

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