Toddler’s Sun Dress

Photos Ethical Koala - SundressI made this cute little summer dress for my 15 month old. With its elasticated top it will still fit her next summer too. Expect this dress to fit your two-three year old.

  1. Cut a piece of your main fabric 24x87cm. Turn under 1cm, and then another 1cm to the wrong side, along one long edge. Pin and machine stitch close to the fold line. Press.
  2. Cut three 55cm lengths of elastic. Tack the end of one piece to the left side of the fabric, on the wrong side, just under the top. Lay the fabric flat on an ironing board then pin it to the board at both ends, holding the fabric firmly in place. Insert pins across the fabric at 15cm intervals. Stretch the elastic to the right hand side in a straight line, an make a pin mark on the elastic at each pin. Unpin the fabric. Using a small zigzag stitch, machine stitch the elastic, stretching it so that the pen marks line up with the pins.
  3. Repeat twice more, going down 1.5cm each time
  4. Cut a piece of border fabric 8cmx87cm. With right sides together, pin and machine stitch the border to the bottom edge of the main piece, aligning the raw edges, Press the seam towards the bottom edge. With right sides together, pin and stitch the sides together, then overlock or zigzag stitch the raw edges together.
  5. Cut two 25 x 8cm pieces of the main fabric for the straps. Turn under 1cm on all four sides of both pieces to the wrong side and press. With wrong sides together, fold the strips in half, pin and topstitch all the way round. Try the dress on the child, pin and stitch the straps to the required length on the inside.
  6. Turn under 1cm to the wrong side along the bottom raw edge and press. Align this fold with the top of the border on the inside of the top, pin and hand stitch in place.

Ethical Koala

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