Homemade Hairbands

Following on from my dog toys post, here is another way of using up old material you may have lying around; homemade hairbands! There are so many tutorials out there to choose from, and most of the patterns are easy… Continue Reading

The Environmental Value of Building Reuse – Preservation Leadership Forum

New research explores the environmental value of reusing buildings rather than demolishing them to replace with new construction. Source: The Environmental Value of Building Reuse – Preservation Leadership Forum

What are the environmental impacts of new-build housing?

New-builds Construction of new buildings has a significant impact on our environment. Obvious impacts include the use of  land, materials and energy; leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions and production of other waste products. In Victoria, new-builds are now required… Continue Reading

Homemade Dog Toys

After a recent clear-out of the house, We’ve got a lot of old clothing hanging around that can be put to good use. A good start is to organise into: A: Clothes to be fixed/reused to make new clothes B:… Continue Reading

Vegan Hiking Boots

Weekends are a time of exploration for us (me, hubby, bubba and dog). There is nothing better on a weekend morning to get out in the fresh air and enjoy a long hike somewhere new and interesting. As the winter has well and truly hit, and after a pretty disastrous walk last weekend on a very wet and muddy track to the Ada Tree, Yarra State Forest, the time has come for me to get some decent hiking boots! Continue Reading

Doggy Vegan treats: Peanut Butter Bones

These are an easy-to-make healthy treat that your dog will just adore! These are great to shove in your pocket to use as treats on a walk, or rewards for tricks and good behaviour! Continue Reading

Top Ten Vegan Pumpkin and Squash recipes

My local farmers market is packed full of delicious fresh pumpkins and squashes at the moment, and they are such great value! We can’t get enough of them! There are many ways to use them for delicious warming winter meals, but… Continue Reading

Eating Seasonally and Locally

There are some fantastic benefits of buying and eating seasonally and local; both for yourself and for our environment. It’s an easy change to make and will save you money! Continue Reading